The STEM Garden incorporates elements of STEM programs including science, technology, engineering, and math for use by students here in Wilson and in surrounding counties. Current areas include a bog garden with native carnivorous plants in the Science Garden, a solar powered weather station in the Technology, a windmill and hydroponic plant growing area in the Engineering Garden, and a Fibonacci Spiral and geometrically shaped plants in the Mathematics Garden. Coming soon: a solar powered device charging station, iPads for education programs, more hydroponic equipment, a human sundial, a giant backgammon table and custom teaching curriculum for use by educators! The STEM Garden area also boasts a large entertainment area for outdoor events.

Current Gardens:

Science: The bog garden is installed. A display will be put up showing the steps in building a bog. In the future the native carnivorous plants will be labeled and a QR code will direct your mobile device to more information on each plant. High powered binoculars will be installed to look inside the plants and see insect digestion occurring. SEE BOG GARDEN CREATED!

Technology: A Solar Panel is installed which lights a bulb. Inside the box is an USB cable and to charge mobile devices. The weather station is accessible through “weather underground”. Search for Wilson and Wilson Botanical Gardens (QR signage will installed). In the future a large charging station will be installed with lock boxes where students can borrow ipads to learn while in the garden.

Engineering: A donated windmill is installed that aerates the pond below, which is home to fish that make emulsion for the hydroponic system currently growing butter crisp lettuce and basil.

Math: The math patio has the Fibonacci Spiral stained on it. The Fibonacci spiral is a math formula that happens in nature: sea shells, pine cones, sunflower seeds. This plants will be added as well as signage. A human sundial will go in grass area. Coniferous plants can be measured using geometric principles. A backgammon table is planned for this area.